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A new logo, a new story

New Logo Brown
New Logo Orange

As you may have seen on our website, or in our hotel: LionsDive Beach Resort has a new logo!
The rebranding of LionsDive started in December, last year.
There was a lot to do, we had to say farewell to everything with the old logo on it.
But what’s the idea and what are the thoughts behind our new logo? We would like to give you an idea.

The primary LionsDive logo has three visual elements:

  1. The lion: which stands for strength, generosity and being gracious.
  2. The waves: which stand for the Caribbean sea and beach.
  3. The setting sun: which stands for summer, warmth and relaxation.

We believe that these elements are the main reasons for the guests to enjoy the resort. First of all the sun and the sea, but most of all to visit the lion (LionsDive), who takes care of his family and goes above and beyond to make every member feel at home and at ease. An informal and friendly logo, which is also what we stand for.

Instead of the green colors, we are now using the warm tones of orange and brown.
It is of great importance for us to show people LionsDive’s green mission, read about it here
That’s why the green color is still used in the rooms and decor.
Fun fact: the photo that is used on the wall of the lobby, is actually taken in our tropical garden!

Come and see the changes yourself! We would love to welcome you soon at LionsDive Beach Resort in Curacao.