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Curacao's Must See Beaches

On the island of Curaçao, there are many beaches to discover. The beach at LionsDive is lovely, but maybe you're ready for a little road trip on the island to explore some of its beauties.

If you're into that, we offer rental cars at our resort so you can make your own tour!

The scenery on your way to ‘Westpunt' will keep you entertained. You will see mountains covered by all kinds of trees and plants. Also the birds of prey of the ABC islands named Wara wara. The most famous beach of Curaçao, Grote Knip, is located on this part of the island. You'll have to visit ‘Grote Knip' for sure! The view is breathtaking and a perfect photo spot as well ;-) Of course, you can find this beach in our top 3 must-see beaches of Curaçao. Besides that, Curaçao has plenty of beaches, so there are many choices. Do you prefer an almost undiscovered beach that not everyone knows about? Take the unpaved roads, they lead you to more quiet, untouched beaches.

TOP 3:

  1. Playa Kalki

    A small, adorable beach on the west end of the island, that not every tourist knows about. A great spot to snorkel or dive as well! After you walk down a small staircase, you will find a dive spot on your left hand. On the terrace, you have a beautiful view of the ocean. Sit down on one of the many colored chairs, or relax at the beach on a beach chair.

  1. Cas Abou

    Some call it the most beautiful beach in Curaçao. Cas Abou has a well-deserved second place on our top 3! The view is breathtaking, and there's delicious food as well for a reasonable price. You have to pay a little fee to enter Cas Abou, but it's definitely worth it! You'll have a great time at this beautiful beach.

  1. Grote Knip (Playa Kenepa)

    This is our number 1! You can probably see why ;-). When you arrive at Grote Knip, you'll see the beach below you. The beach has rocks on both sides where you can jump from, be careful though! There's also a possibility to book trips, like kayaking.  This is the perfect spot to enjoy a day in the sun, surrounded by crystal clear water.

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