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The capital of Curaçao: Willemstad

Merchant houses in every color, that's what you'll see in the capital of Curaçao, Willemstad. The houses have a (Dutch) colonial architecture, and it's certainly worth it to have a look.

Willemstad - Queen Emma Pontonbridge

A well-known place is the Queen Emma Pontoon bridge, also known as the ‘Pontjesbrug'. This small bridge is brought to the side when boats are passing through.

Another unique attraction is Fort Amsterdam, a beautiful building where the Antillean government is located. It used to be the headquarters of the West India Company.

You'll find a lot of nice restaurants and terraces on the trade quay, next to the ‘Pontjesbrug', with local food and live music.

Willemstad is definitely worth a visit on Thursday night. The center has a lot of live bands, DJ's and cozy streets that will amuse you. It's called: ‘Punda Vibes'.

Don't forget to visit the ‘art street', with various local products, located between the streets: Hanchi Snoa and Breedestraat.

Another particular part of Willemstad is ‘Pietermaai', each house is special, and it's also a district with trendy bars and restaurants.

Willemstad - Pietermaai district

Walk around Willemstad, and you'll discover various places with street art: graffiti, paintings, and other art objects. Sometimes you'll see them in the streets where you wouldn't expect it! Willemstad is a photogenic place, so we would recommend you to bring your camera, so you can capture all the beautiful places.

Willemstad - Street Art like graffiti and paintings