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Green Mission

The LionsDive Beach Resort is aware that tourism can only survive in a world that is sustainable in terms of natural, economic and social environment. From the opening in 1989, the LionsDive Beach Resort is a nature-oriented accommodation that, to date, strives for the highest standards in a sustainable venture. Water conservation, energy saving, waste control (including recycling) and wastewater are included in the fixed measures. Staff policy is aimed at employing as many local staff as possible and providing them with schooling and training. The resort also supports various projects for local schools, sportsmen and animal and nature organizations. Our procurement is carried out locally wherever possible and we advise our guests to discover the island to support local businesses.

From 2016, LionsDive Beach Resort supports the Greenkidz project ( that encourages local schoolchildren, aged 9 to 12, to take care and responsibility with regard to their living and school environment, and actively contribute to a greener, cleaner and healthier Curaçao themselves.

View our sustainability report here: link