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Dolphin fun facts

Our neighbor, the Dolphin Academy Curaçao offers meeting, swimming, snorkeling and diving sessions with dolphins. An extraordinary experience if you are visiting Curaçao and love these beautiful animals. There is so much information about dolphins and the Academy that many people probably don’t know.

Two dolphins playing
These are our top 5 facts about dolphins and the Dolphin Academy that you want to know!
1. Dolphins are extremely smart!
Dolphins are known for their friendliness and also for their intelligence. Scientists believe that they may be the closest animals to our level of intelligence.
2. What’s on the menu?
Dolphins are carnivores, they love to eat fish and crustaceans.
3. The best fish!
Dolphins at the Dolphin Academy are getting the best fish, imported from Canada. The staff selects each fish themselves before dolphins can eat it.
4. Swimming on open water!
The Dolphin Academy is one of the three academies in the world where dolphins can swim in the open water. It’s symbolic for the cooperative relationship that the trainers have developed with the dolphins.
5. How many species are there?
There are nearly 40 dolphin species in the oceans of the earth, mostly in tropical and shallow waters, some dolphins even live in rivers.
Four dolphins giving a show