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Flamingo hiking trail in Curaçao: ‘De Zoutpannen’

Do you like hiking? And spotting flamingos? Then you should walk through the salt pans, located between Jan Thiel and Mambo Beach. Just a few steps away from LionsDive Beach Resort! You’ll walk along the saltwater lakes and rocky paths. Tip: bring your sports shoes!

Rocky path with bushes and a bird flying around

This area has it all: a beautiful view and adventurous, rocky paths through the bushes. These salt pans is also the area where one of the largest populations of flamingos lives on Curaçao. If you walk (or run) early in the morning, the chances are that you will spot these beautiful birds up close.

So how did this area get this name?

‘De Zoutpannen’ were used as a plantation. Salt, but also other substances such as cotton were extracted here. In 1737 a merchant bought the plantation, which was called Damasco, from a Dutch owner called Jan Thielen. This area is named after him.

See flamingos between Jan Thiel and Mambo Beach at the Zoutpannen

Several staff members enjoy running or hiking through ‘De Zoutpannen’ in Jan Thiel and will happily show you the best hiking routes. Enjoy fantastic views over the salt water lakes, surrounded by cactuses. It’s a different view of the island of Curaçao.

You have to be an early bird though, it is best to start around 06.00 am in the morning to avoid the heat!.

The GM of our resort runs at the zoutpannen